Otter Moving & Storage LLC - Terms & Conditions

By submitting your deposit for services from Otter Moving & Storage LLC, you accept and agree to adhere to the Terms & Conditions of Otter Moving & Storage’s Products and Services. It is essential for you to review and understand all Terms and Conditions, which are accessible for review at any time on our website. The terms and conditions applicable to your service are those in effect on the date your deposit is received. Otter Moving & Storage LLC reserves the right to modify, amend, or update any portion of these Terms of Service as needed.

Otter Moving & Storage LLC Product and Service Terms & Conditions were last revised on Monday, August 15, 2023.

  1. Service Costs and Payment Terms

   Deposit Requirements

  • A $50 deposit is necessary to confirm your moving date, secure a binding flat-rate estimate, and reserve the moving services you require.
  • The deposit must be paid within 24 hours of receiving your booking confirmation to guarantee your moving date and flat-rate estimate. Failure to meet this deadline allows Otter Moving & Storage LLC the discretion to adjust the original quote based on factors like peak moving times, requested scheduling, and service availability. Our service availability operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and we cannot guarantee availability if the deposit is not timely paid.
  • For moves with a total estimated cost exceeding $2,000, a deposit amounting to 10% of the comprehensive moving estimate is required to confirm your services and moving date.
  • Deposits can be made electronically through a secure payment link provided by us or via telephone. We accept major credit/debit cards including MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.
  • Deposits are fully refundable if a cancellation is requested in writing via email at least one business day before your scheduled move. The refund process may take up to 5 business days. For instance, for a move scheduled on a Wednesday, cancellation must occur by Monday afternoon for a full deposit refund. Cancellations made on the day before the move will result in a forfeiture of the deposit. For weekend moves, the cut-off for cancellation with a full refund is by close of business on Thursday.
  • Should you decide to cancel your move on the move day or within one business day before the scheduled date, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • In cases where the move date is postponed, Otter Moving & Storage will refund the deposit 30 days after the initially scheduled move date if the move is not rescheduled within that period. This refund will be processed back to the card used for the original deposit. To reschedule beyond the 30-day window, a new deposit will be required.

   Balancing Payment

  • The remaining balance for your move is due one business day before the scheduled move date, except for long-distance inbound moves.
  • For long-distance inbound moves, the total balance must be paid one business day before the start of your scheduled pick-up window.
  • Final payments can be made using cash, bank checks, or major credit/debit cards.
  • If you choose to pay the remaining balance in cash or by check on the day of the move, this intention must be communicated to Otter Moving & Storage LLC upon receiving your invoice or during the booking process.
  • The moving process will only commence once the complete outstanding balance is provided to the Otter Moving & Storage LLC foreman in cash or check.
  • Failure to settle any outstanding payments may result in the involvement of a third-party collection agency, which could negatively impact your credit rating.

   Cancellations and Changes to Moving Date

  • To cancel your scheduled move and associated services, notice must be provided at least two business day or 48 hours prior to your move date to ensure a full refund of your deposit and to avoid additional charges.
  • Rescheduling your move or the requested services requires at least two business day’s notice before your initially scheduled move. Failure to provide timely notice will result in applicable penalties.
  • During peak moving times, specifically from the 25th to the 31st of any month and the 1st to the 4th of the following month, a 100% penalty of the total service cost will be applied for cancellations or rescheduling not communicated at least three business days before the scheduled move date.
  • Same day moving cancellation due to any reasons is subject to a cancellation penalty of up to 100%. The cancellation penalty is calculated at the discretion of the company, in order to cover the cost of services, lost revenue and crew compensation. 

Extra Fees

  • Should there be additional items on your move day not listed in your original and quoted inventory, we will provide a revised estimate for transporting these extra items. To proceed, you’ll need to approve the new estimate, which will include an additional fee for these items.
  • A discrepancy of up to +/• 5% from the inventory list on move day is acceptable. However, for significant discrepancies or additional items not previously included in the quote, our moving team will notify you and consult with an Otter Moving & Storage LLC Sales Representative to adjust your quote accordingly.
  • Additional item fees can be settled over the phone, accepting all major credit, visa, and debit cards.
  • If opting to pay for additional items with cash or a bank check, payment must be completed before the moving process begins.
  • The moving of additional items is contingent upon the payment of the corresponding fees at that time.
  • An excessive carrying and pushing fee will apply if parking is unavailable within 150 feet of the entrance at both pickup and drop-off locations, calculated based on the volume and distance involved, with a maximum fee of $300.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC will cover the cost of any parking tickets incurred.
  • In areas where parking permits are obtainable by the customer before the move, such as in New Jersey and Hoboken, we will guide you on obtaining these for a fee payable to the local government. It is the customer’s responsibility to secure and complete this process with the relevant local authorities.
  • If the drop-off location is accurately provided at booking, the initial flat rate quote includes fuel and mileage. An additional fee for fuel and mileage will be applied for every additional 10 miles traveled beyond the originally accounted distance.

Billing for Storage Services

  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC processes payments for storage services, including move-ins, partial move-outs, complete move-outs, and monthly fees, exclusively through valid credit or debit cards. Cash and certified bank checks are not accepted for storage service payments.
  • Payments must be made using Otter Moving & Storage LLC’s secure payment portal or via telephone with a representative. The customer must confirm they are the authorized cardholder for transactions.
  • The details of the card used for payments will be securely stored and may be charged in advance (24-72 hours before) for services due on the specified move date, including any adjustments for inventory changes or additional fees as outlined in your agreement or contract.
  • New York State Sales Tax is applicable to all storage services, detailed at the bottom of each invoice. Full payment, including sales tax, is due with the service cost.
  • Monthly storage fees, including sales tax, will be automatically processed on the same date each month as the original storage move-in date, using the card on file.
  • In the event of a declined payment due to insufficient funds or card cancellation, a reminder will be sent to the customer with details to update their payment information. Failure to update payment information or clear outstanding balances will result in late fees and penalties.
  • Notification is required to schedule a storage move-out, which can be done via email or phone. Payment for storage move-out services must be made using the payment portal or over the phone with a credit or debit card.
  • Monthly storage rates are not prorated. If a customer chooses to move out mid-month, no refunds or credits will be provided for the remaining month.
  • Outstanding monthly storage balances must be cleared before any move-out services are scheduled. Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not confirm move-out services if there are outstanding dues.
  • Partial move-out services will not cancel automatic monthly payments, but the monthly fee may be adjusted. For complete move-outs, automatic payments will cease following the move-out date.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC commits to defending any customer-initiated chargebacks for services legitimately provided under the terms of the contractual agreement.

Billing for Hourly Labor

  • Clients must indicate their required hours of labor for hourly moving services upon booking. Otter Moving & Storage LLC is not responsible for inaccuracies in the estimated time frame provided by the client.
  • A minimum booking requirement exists for hourly services: at least 2 hours for a team of 2 movers and 4 hours for a team of 3 movers. We do not accept bookings below these minimums.
  • Hourly charges commence once our moving team arrives at the pickup location and begins the moving process, starting from the initial interaction and moving efforts.
  • Should the move exceed the initially requested timeframe, clients will incur charges for the extra time, calculated in hourly or half-hour increments, based on the pre-agreed hourly rate.
  • Payment for any additional time or unforeseen moving fees not included in the initial quote must be settled via credit card on the move day, prior to the completion of services and signing of the bill of lading.
  • The moving team will inform the client if more time is needed to complete the move beyond the estimated timeframe. The client is responsible for the cost of the additional time required. Our team endeavors to complete the move efficiently and safely, and additional time charges are the client’s responsibility.
  • Hourly moving services are available exclusively for local moves, subject to management discretion. Flat rate pricing is standard for Otter Moving & Storage LLC and applies to long-distance moves, storage move-ins and move-outs, and partial storage moves.

Promotions, Codes, and Discounts

  • Promotional codes, discounts, and coupons must be presented to an Otter Moving & Storage LLC Sales Representative before finalizing your quote to be applicable. Discounts will be reflected in your final quote.
  • Promotional discounts are not valid post-quote issuance and cannot be applied retroactively.
  • Price matching or beating competitor quotes is conditional upon providing a comparable, legitimate quote from an equivalent company. Otter Moving & Storage LLC reserves the right to determine quote comparability and discount eligibility without guarantee.
  • Customers utilizing promotional discounts during booking are ineligible for referral benefits. Referral commissions are void if the referred party has applied a promotional discount to their service.

Service Cost Parameters

  • Service costs are subject to change with alterations in the reservation date or time by the client.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC mandates one business day’s notice for any changes or cancellations related to the delivery and pickup of moving supplies, with a penalty of $50 for non-compliance.
  • The comprehensive service quote encompasses protective blankets and tape for furniture, use of dollies, and all fuel, mileage, and toll expenses.
  • Delays attributable to the client or property management may incur additional waiting time charges.
  • Costs will be adjusted for any additional items or services added beyond the original quote.
  • Stair fees apply to moves involving flights of stairs not disclosed during the initial booking. Additional stairs at any location will incur extra charges.
  • Video estimate-based quotes are contingent upon the items displayed and listed during the estimation process. Adding items or services not initially quoted will affect the overall service cost.
  • The flat rate quote covers basic wrapping, packing, and protection of large furniture and items like TVs and sofas, but excludes packing of personal goods such as books and kitchen items, unless packing services are specifically requested, which incurs additional fees.
  • For packing of items not included in the original inventory list, an extra packing and moving fee will apply.
  • The minimum service size for local moves and storage is 200 cubic feet. Services below this threshold will be charged at the 200 cubic feet rate, with no applicable discounts.

  1. Obligations and Expectations of the Client
  • The presence of the client or an authorized representative (with a pre-provided power of attorney) is mandatory throughout the duration of the move. Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not be held accountable for any claims in the absence of the client or their representative.
  • Clients are required to empty all furniture contents, such as dressers, drawers, and refrigeration units before the move, unless packing services are specifically procured from Otter Moving & Storage LLC. In cases where our packing services are utilized, it remains the client’s responsibility to pack perishable goods in compliance with food safety standards to prevent any health hazards, for which Otter Moving & Storage LLC disclaims liability.
  • Electrical devices must be unplugged by clients prior to moving; our team will not disconnect or reconnect electronic equipment.
  • Self-packed belongings must be secured in sturdy packaging suitable for transit. Otter Moving & Storage LLC is exempt from liability regarding the safety of food items moved in customer-packed boxes.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC does not transport pets or live animals.
  • We will transport small to medium-sized household plants, provided they are declared with accurate size and weight details during booking. Only plants under 200cm/6.5ft for local moves within a 250-mile radius from the pickup point are eligible. Plants intended for long-distance moves or storage will not be accepted unless under urgent storage conditions, without guarantee of subsequent transportation to the long-distance destination.
  • Items like waterbeds and empty aquariums will be moved following client instructions, with no subsequent adjustments or setups by our crew.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC will carefully transport self-packed fragile items but assumes no responsibility for damages. Clients opting not to use additional protective materials offered by us must sign a waiver acknowledging this choice.
  • Our team is equipped to move heavy items, including pianos and appliances, contingent on safe handling conditions as judged by our foreman.
  • Clients are required to acknowledge the condition of TVs at both pickup and drop-off points, verifying their functionality.
  • In scenarios involving multiple clients (e.g., roommates or separating couples) with divided belongings, Otter Moving & Storage LLC is not liable for disputes over item ownership or delivery errors. It is the clients’ responsibility to clearly specify the ownership and destination of divided items.
  • Self-packed items should not exceed 35lbs per box and must be packed securely.
  • Our standard service includes a single setup of items at the new location; requests for multiple rearrangements are outside the scope of our service.

  1. Insurance and Valuation of Customer Belongings
  • By default, client belongings are covered under a basic insurance policy at $0.60 per pound per item, in accordance with the Department of Transportation, New York’s requirements.
  • Clients opting for Declared Value Protection must purchase this additional coverage through our third-party insurer,, no later than 48 hours before the move. This additional insurance cannot be added on the move day or afterward.
  • The responsibility to secure extra insurance for high-value items rests with the client, given our liability is limited to the basic coverage amount.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC may levy additional charges if enhanced insurance is selected, ensuring the moving and packing supplies align with the insured items’ value.
  • A minimum of three business days is required to prepare any specialized wooden crates or packing containers for valuable items.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC is not accountable for damages to items already in a compromised condition at the time of pickup. We reserve the right to document such items’ condition and require client acknowledgment, absolving us from liability for these specific items during the move or storage service.
  • Compensation for items within a set is limited to the individual damaged or lost item, not the entire set, calculated as per the valuation equation defined by the Department of Transportation.
  • Filing duplicate claims for the same item’s damages through both Otter Moving & Storage LLC and a third-party insurer constitutes illegal “double dipping”. Legal action may ensue if both claims proceed without cancellation.

  1. Insurance for Buildings • COI (Certificate of Liability Insurance)
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC will furnish a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for customers who have fully paid for their moving service, upon request by the building management for moving activities. This COI is provided through our third-party insurance partner.
  • It is incumbent upon the customer to gather COI requirements from their building’s management, relay this information to us via email before the move, and alert us if a COI is necessary for either the pickup or drop-off locations.
  • Should the customer fail to inform Otter Moving & Storage LLC about the COI requirement before moving day, we reserve the right to either refuse service or levy an additional charge.
  • Our standard moving service quote does not include the provision of floor and wall protection using masonite. Should such protection be mandated by the customer or building management, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify us well in advance of the move, allowing time to prepare the necessary materials. Additional fees will be charged for the provision of masonite protection.

  1. Claims and Refunds
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC aims to promptly address and resolve any claims submitted through our claims form, supplemented by relevant photos and documentation.
  • Customers have a 90-day window post-move or delivery date (or from the expected delivery date in case of a complete shipment loss) to file a claim. Claims lodged beyond this 90-day period will not hold Otter Moving & Storage LLC accountable for any resultant damages or liabilities.
  • Written claims must be submitted to Otter Moving & Storage LLC. We will acknowledge your claim within 30 days of submission and aim to resolve it within 120 days. Extensions of 60 days are permissible if more time is needed for resolution.
  • In instances where Otter Moving & Storage LLC arrives later than the scheduled pickup time, a 5% refund of the total service fee will be issued for every hour of delay, capped at a 15% refund for delays exceeding 3 hours. This refund policy is applicable only to pickup times and does not extend to delays at the drop-off location. For the refund to be valid, claims must be made through our official claims page on the day of the move or within one day post-move. Refund requests made two days after the move will not be honored, and Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not be obligated to offer a refund if the delay is not reported by the customer.
  • Claimants must attest to the veracity of their claim and the enclosed documentation. Additional issues can be reported within 48 hours of the initial claim submission, after which no new issues can be added to the claim or considered for a new claim.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC will only proceed with refunds or compensation for claims after the delivery of goods or completion of services.
  • For claim submissions, please contact Upon submitting your claim, a copy will be emailed to you for your records.
  • The claims process is thorough and may require time for item inspection and possible repair or replacement. We appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this process, which includes:
  1. Serious consideration of your feedback and claims, with our claims team initiating contact to investigate your claim.
  2. Regular updates from your designated claims department contact, who will assist in resolving your claim as swiftly and fairly as possible.
  3. A settlement offer based on a fair assessment of the claim, with compensation provided upon acceptance. Disputed offers may be reviewed by an independent arbitrator.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC disclaims responsibility for items reported as damaged if they were not directly transported or delivered by us. Damage claims for such items should be directed to the third-party carrier contracted by the customer.
  1. Safety of Moving Crews and Customers
  • Our moving personnel undergo extensive two-week training covering safety, packing, lifting techniques, secure item handling, safe driving practices, and customer service to ensure the highest service standards.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC ensures that all moving staff are protected by third-party workers’ compensation insurance, in compliance with New York State laws.
  • We advise against customer involvement in moving tasks to prevent personal injury. Otter Moving & Storage LLC cannot be held liable for injuries that customers may incur while moving items themselves.
  • We expect respectful interaction between customers and our moving crews. Otter Moving & Storage LLC reserves the right to halt moving services in instances of customer harassment towards our personnel.
  1. Contactless Moving Services
  • Customers unable to be physically present on the day of the move must inform Otter Moving & Storage LLC during the booking process and opt for our “contactless moving” service.
  • Engaging in contactless moving services with Otter Moving & Storage LLC implies agreement to our terms and conditions, binding customers to all stipulated moving and service terms.
  • On the day of a contactless move, customers are expected to be available for virtual communication, including phone and video calls, to oversee the move, address any questions, and confirm the completion of services.
  • Electronic signatures will be required on the bill of lading to officially acknowledge the move’s completion by Otter Moving & Storage LLC.
  • Customers accepting their shipment under contactless moving terms agree not to hold Otter Moving & Storage LLC accountable for any property damage, such as scratches or dents to walls, floors, and doors.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC is not liable for damages to items that were already broken or damaged upon arrival. We may photograph such items for documentation purposes and will not cover these items under the basic insurance policy.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC disclaims liability for damages to items and boxes that are improperly packed or wrapped by the customer. Claims for such items will be processed under the basic coverage provided by the Department of Transportation.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not dispose of items not listed on the customer’s moving inventory for removal or disposal. It is the customer’s responsibility to manage the disposal of such items, including any associated fees charged by their building management.
  • Customers must ensure that Otter Moving & Storage LLC has access to both pickup and drop-off locations, either personally or through a designated representative. The security of these locations during a contactless move is not the responsibility of Otter Moving & Storage LLC, and we cannot be held liable for any related theft, damage, or loss of keys.
  • The accuracy of packing and moving items during a contactless service cannot be guaranteed by Otter Moving & Storage LLC, especially without the customer’s virtual presence to direct the movers. Customers acknowledge this limitation and agree not to hold Otter Moving & Storage LLC accountable for any items that may be overlooked or forgotten. It is crucial for customers to provide detailed inventory lists and be available for guidance, particularly during full packing contactless moving services.
  1. Long-Distance Relocation Services

Otter Moving & Storage LLC offers two primary options for your long-distance relocation needs: 1) Grouped Shipping and 2) Direct Transport.

We may engage vetted third-party carriers for transporting your belongings over long distances, ensuring they reach your designated drop-off location safely. Otter Moving & Storage LLC will coordinate all aspects of your move, even when third-party carriers are involved, to ensure seamless communication and service.

Should any issues arise with a third-party carrier during your move, we ask that you direct all claims to us for resolution, adhering to our established claim procedures.

Grouped Shipping: On the scheduled date, we’ll collect your items for inclusion in our long-distance hauling trailers. These trailers transport grouped shipments from various customers to their respective destinations. Delivery dates for grouped shipments are estimated based on distance and logistics and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. We’ll keep you updated throughout the transit, culminating in a final notification once a specific delivery date and time is confirmed within the initially provided delivery window.

Direct Transport: With this option, your belongings are transported directly from the pickup location to the drop-off point as per the agreed schedule. We aim to adhere to the scheduled delivery windows, but please note that unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or road closures may cause delays.

In the event of delays attributable to our logistics or mechanical failures, we offer compensation at a rate of $50 per day beyond the agreed delivery schedule.

If the delivery site cannot accommodate large trucks, we provide shuttle service at no extra cost, provided we’re informed in advance about such limitations.

Should the delivery location be unattended within the agreed delivery window, we may need to store your items temporarily, leading to additional fees for re-delivery and storage.

For optimal service coordination, please inform us of the earliest acceptable delivery date at the time of pickup. Changes made to the First Available Delivery Date (FADD) after pickup may incur additional charges to accommodate the revised logistics or storage needs.

Long-distance move insurance details are specified under our Valuation Coverage for Customer Belongings section.

  1. Storage Solutions

Otter Moving & Storage LLC exclusively offers Warehouse Storage options. We ensure all items designated for storage are carefully wrapped at the collection point and then transported to our secure warehouse. Here, your belongings are placed on pallets, given additional wrapping, and methodically stored. Our warehouses are safeguarded with 24-hour surveillance, maintaining a high level of security. Please be aware that for security reasons, we do not permit personal access to the warehouse storage areas.

The cost of storage each month is set based on the total volume of your items, measured in cubic feet, and includes applicable taxes. This rate is established and fixed at the time of your storage service agreement commencement, binding you to the specified service terms.

We may adjust the monthly storage fees in certain scenarios, such as when a customer opts for a partial move-out, adds more items to their storage, or in the event of other unforeseen circumstances, without prior notice.

To schedule your move out from storage, we require a notification at least three business days in advance of the intended move-out date.

  • If you wish to retrieve your items from storage on your own, please schedule this at least three business days in advance. Should you choose to move out without Otter Moving & Storage LLC’s assistance, a fee equivalent to one month’s storage will apply.
  • Should you opt for a third-party carrier to collect your stored items, an additional charge equal to one month’s storage fee will be incurred.
  • In situations requiring Emergency In Transit Storage, we will accommodate your belongings for a period of 14 days from the initial storage date. Following this period, standard storage terms and monthly fees will apply, starting from the 15th day.
  • Failure to make storage payments for three consecutive months grants Otter Moving & Storage LLC the authority to auction or dispose of your items to recuperate losses. We bear no responsibility for any resultant damages or claims in such scenarios.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC disclaims liability for any damage or claims related to items self-packed by customers, irrespective of the time spent in our storage facilities. We cannot assure protection against damage for items packed by customers during transport or while in storage.
  • Our storage facilities strictly prohibit the storage of perishable items, including but not limited to food, spices, herbs, and dried goods. Any damage or infestation caused by stored perishable goods will be the customer’s responsibility, including associated costs like pest control.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC does not permit access to our storage facilities for customers or the general public for security and operational reasons.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC does not provide services for individual storage units.
  • The signatory of the Otter Storage Service agreement is solely responsible for the monthly storage fees, including for items belonging to others stored under their name. Any legal actions, including notices of disposal due to non-payment, are directed towards the contract signatory, not the owners of the stored items.
  • We strongly advise that the person entering into a storage contract with Otter Moving & Storage LLC is the actual owner of the items being stored.
  • Liability for any legal actions or damages related to disposal notices for items stored under a contract where the claimant is not the signatory is not assumed by Otter Moving & Storage LLC.
  • In cases where multiple parties wish to separate their jointly stored items under a single contract, each party must establish a new contract and assume responsibility for their respective storage fees. This division will only occur once any outstanding balances on the original contract are settled by the initial signatory.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC is not accountable for any damages or losses incurred during self-move-outs or when a third-party carrier is used to remove items from storage.
  • Our storage facilities strictly prohibit the storage of live plants and flowers. Otter Moving & Storage LLC assumes no responsibility for the maintenance or survival of any plants inadvertently stored, and reserves the right to dispose of such items without liability for damages or loss.
  • The storage of weapons, hazardous chemicals, and illegal substances within our facilities is forbidden. Customers found in violation will bear responsibility for any resulting damages or penalties.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC retains the flexibility to transfer stored items between its facilities as needed throughout the term of the storage agreement.
  1. Packing and Unpacking Services
  • All packing materials utilized during the move, such as blankets, specialized boxes for TVs, wardrobes, pictures, and other supplies, are property of Otter Moving & Storage LLC and will be collected back at the conclusion of the move. Materials bought from Otter Moving & Storage LLC prior to the move are for the customer to keep.
  • For the safe transport of fragile items like waterbed mattresses, glassware, electronic devices, and art, it’s crucial they be packed in suitable containers. Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not accept liability for damage to items not properly packaged and recommends the use of appropriate packing solutions for these items, which the carrier will advise.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC offers comprehensive packing and unpacking services at an extra charge. These services need to be arranged in advance and may not be available for last-minute requests.
  • The packing service includes all necessary packing materials, which are provided when the service is booked. Bubble wrap, however, will only be supplied upon specific request.
  • Our packing approach is systematic and based on the item type and its location, ensuring efficiency and safety. Otter Moving & Storage LLC does not sort or organize personal items within the boxes unless specified. It’s the customer’s responsibility to organize their belongings before packing begins.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC’s packing service is based on the agreed number of boxes during booking. Additional packing requirements beyond the agreed scope may incur extra charges.
  • Should unpacking services be requested, Otter Moving & Storage LLC will dispose of all used packing materials and boxes after unpacking. However, the arrangement of unpacked items will follow the customer’s instructions without additional organization or styling services.
  • While Otter Moving & Storage LLC ensures careful unpacking of delicate items like china and kitchenware, it does not include organization or styling of these items.
  1. Rental of Plastic Moving Totes/Bins
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC provides plastic moving totes for rent, subject to an additional charge.
  • The company will deliver these rented totes to a location specified by the customer for use during packing.
  • Customers must return the rented totes within 5 days after moving into their new location, ensuring they are clean and in the same state as when received. Otter Moving & Storage LLC will retrieve the totes from the designated location after the move.
  • A fee of $50 will be charged for each tote that is returned damaged or not returned at all.
  1. Purchase of Moving Supplies
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC sells moving supplies, including boxes, packing paper, and tape, in prearranged bundles tailored to different home sizes and customer requirements.
  • Individual moving supplies are not available for sale except as additional items to previously purchased bundles.
  • These supply bundles can be ordered during the booking process or before the moving day, with a requirement of at least 3 business days’ notice for delivery.
  • The company will deliver the purchased supplies to a specified location.
  • All sales of moving supplies are final, with no options for refunds or returns, regardless of whether the items are used or unused.
  1. Handling TVs and Electronic Devices
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC is not liable for the internal workings of appliances and electronic devices. The nature of moving may require these items to be positioned in ways that could dislodge internal components, and the movement during transport may exacerbate this. Consequently, Otter Moving & Storage LLC does not provide a warranty for the internal parts of any appliance or electronic device.
  • Customers must ensure their television is operational before Otter Moving & Storage LLC packs it. The condition of the TV must be verified by both the customer and the Otter Moving & Storage LLC foreman and noted on the bill of lading at both the pickup and delivery locations. Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not be accountable for non-operational TVs noted at the pickup point.
  • Should a TV be operational at pickup but not at delivery without visible external damage, Otter Moving & Storage LLC assumes no responsibility for any claims or damages.
  • In instances where a TV is functional at the pickup point but fails to operate due to visible external damage at the delivery location, Otter Moving & Storage LLC will address the damage claims.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC is not responsible for any damage to TVs packed by the customer in their own packaging.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC offers one complimentary TV dismounting service per move. Each additional TV dismounting is subject to a $50 fee. If a TV dismounting is requested that was not listed during the booking, the same $50 fee per TV will be applied.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC does not provide TV or any other item wall mounting services.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not disconnect electrical appliances or dismantle/assemble appliances that do not fit through doorways unless this service has been arranged during the booking process.
  1. Specialized Services
  • Otter Moving & Storage provides specialized services for items that are heavy, valuable, fragile, or unique, as well as certain moving requests that necessitate extra labor, expertise, equipment, planning, and materials, leading to an additional fee for special handling.
  • It is the customer’s duty to accurately describe all items and requested services when arranging a move. Otter will notify the customer of any items or services that incur a special handling charge.
  • Enhanced protection is required for items made from or containing marble, stone, glass, crystal, mirrors, screens (such as Pelotons), or large picture frames exceeding 4 ft x 4 ft dimensions. These may need extra safeguarding with moving blankets, cardboard, or wooden crates, incurring additional costs.
  • Additional fees apply for the disassembly and reassembly of furniture that demands the removal of 8 or more screws or over 20 minutes to disassemble and reassemble. This includes items like armoires, bookcases, shelves, cabinets, various types of beds, sofas, wall units, and more.
  • A heavy item handling fee is charged for any item or piece of furniture over 200 lbs, including but not limited to pianos, large tables, gym equipment, armoires, large dressers, recliners, electronic appliances, sculptures, art pieces, and items made of heavy stone, metal, or solid wood.
  • Otter Moving & Storage explicitly does not offer assembly services for furniture that is new in box; while these items can be transported, assembly is not provided.
  • Furniture previously disassembled by others will not be reassembled by Otter Moving & Storage. While disassembled pieces can be transported, it is up to the customer to reassemble their furniture.
  • Otter Moving & Storage may decline to disassemble or transport items requiring specialized instructions or training, such as gym equipment, built-in furniture, pool tables, refrigerators, and commercial machinery.
  • The decision to move or not move an item, as determined by the crew foreman, will prioritize the safety of all involved and the potential risk of damage. This includes assessing the risk to the premises (walls, floors, doors), the item’s condition (potential damage), and the safety of movers, customers, and bystanders.
  1. Assembly and Disassembly of Furniture
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC is not responsible for any damage that may occur during the assembly or disassembly of furniture. The company will assess whether an item necessitates extra handling fees based on its size and the complexity of assembly or disassembly required.
  • Customers must accurately describe their items’ size and complexity. Otter Moving & Storage LLC reserves the right to impose additional fees or decline the movement of items not fully described at the time of booking.
  • Customers should provide assembly instructions for complex or sizable items.
  • For items needing specific handling or care, it’s the customer’s duty to arrange for the item’s manufacturer to send technicians to disassemble the item before Otter Moving & Storage LLC collects it.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC offers specialized furniture handling services. These services, particularly for large or intricate items, might necessitate additional fees and resources to ensure safe transportation.
  • Items like large wall units should be declared at booking to allocate necessary resources, with an extra fee for handling.
  • Items such as armoires, china cabinets, pool tables, pianos, and exercise equipment that are too large, fragile, or made of materials like glass or compressed wood, and cannot be moved in one piece, will incur extra fees for disassembly and reassembly.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not assemble items not disassembled by their team at the pickup point. The company is not liable for damage to items disassembled or packed by the customer.
  • If an item requires specialized handling not disclosed at booking or within four business days before the move, Otter Moving & Storage LLC may choose not to disassemble it. Customers are advised to seek professional disassembly services for complex items ahead of the move day. While Otter Moving & Storage LLC will attempt to transport such items without disassembly when possible, it reserves the right to refuse transport if disassembly is needed but not feasible. In such cases, the customer must arrange for professional disassembly and reassembly, and Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not issue refunds for items not moved due to undisclosed special handling needs.
  1. Disposal Services for Furniture and Mattresses
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC offers a disposal service for furniture and mattresses to a designated center, available upon client request at booking, subject to an additional charge.
  • The service incurs extra fees to account for the increased mileage, labor, extra stops, and any disposal center fees.
  • For mattresses, Otter Moving & Storage LLC supplies plastic covers for disposal purposes.
  • Items can be disposed of curbside, provided this service is requested at booking and aligns with the local curbside disposal schedule. The client is liable for any fines related to improper curbside disposal. Otter Moving & Storage LLC will not undertake curbside disposal on moving day without prior arrangement.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC does not dispose of miscellaneous items during the move unless they are boxed and labeled “For disposal” by the client. The company will handle the disposal of marked boxes or previously designated items. Additional disposal requests made on moving day will incur extra charges.
  1. Client Referral Program

Otter Moving & Storage LLC introduces a referral program that rewards referrers with a commission for successful referrals, under these terms:

  • A commission is earned only when the referred individual completes a move and settles their payment with Otter Moving & Storage LLC. Referral commissions are contingent on the finalization and full payment of the move.
  • Referrals must be officially made through the Otter Moving & Storage LLC referral form online. Informal referrals, such as those made via email or verbally, do not qualify for a commission.
  • Eligible referrers will receive their commission within 30 days post the completion of the referred move, via a certified bank check mailed to the address provided in the referral submission.
  • Referral commissions are set at 10% for local moves and 5% for long-distance moves outside New York and New Jersey, calculated from the total paid invoice amount.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC retains the right to modify commission rates or terminate the referral program at any time.
  • The referred party is not entitled to a commission or discount by being referred, though they may receive a discount if they apply a promotional code during booking.
  • Commission fees cannot be used as credit towards future services or discounts for the referrer or their acquaintances.
  • Should the referred customer have an unresolved claim that affects revenue, the commission payment may be withheld. In certain cases, a flat fee of $50 may be awarded regardless of the original commission percentage.
  • Referrals must be made before the referred party books their move. Referral commissions will not be honored for referrals made after the referred party’s booking.
  • Commissions are applicable only for the initial storage move-in service and do not extend to subsequent storage services or monthly fees.
  • Referrals for repeat customers of Otter Moving & Storage LLC are ineligible for commission.
  • Referrals are invalid if the referred customer had prior contact or received a quote from Otter Moving & Storage before the referral was made.
  • Moves from New York to New Jersey are classified as long-distance, qualifying for a 5% commission on the total paid invoice.

Broker Referral Program

Otter Moving & Storage LLC introduces a Broker Referral Program, allowing brokers to participate voluntarily, without any binding contract with Otter Moving & Storage. By participating, brokers agree to waive any claims or damages against Otter Moving & Storage LLC.

Otter Moving & Storage LLC operates independently and is not legally affiliated with any participating brokers, real estate firms, or individuals. Each entity remains distinct.

The program rewards brokers with a commission for successful referrals under these conditions:

  • Commissions are earned only if the referred client completes a move and settles their payment with Otter Moving & Storage LLC. Commissions are contingent on the move’s completion and full payment.
  • Referrals must be officially made through Otter Moving & Storage LLC’s referral system, using the broker’s unique Otter promo code during the referral submission or when the client is booking their move.
  • Eligible brokers will receive their commission within 31 days post the completion of the referred move, paid via a certified bank check sent to the broker’s provided mailing address.
  • Commission rates are 10% for local moves and 5% for long-distance moves outside of New York and New Jersey, calculated from the total paid invoice.
  • Otter Moving & Storage LLC reserves the right to alter commission rates or terminate the program at any time.
  • Referred clients are not entitled to a commission. However, they may receive a discount if they use a promo code during booking.
  • Commissions earned cannot be applied as credits towards future services or discounts for the broker or their contacts.
  • If a referred client has a pending claim that affects revenue, Otter Moving & Storage LLC may withhold commission payments. In certain cases, a flat fee of $50 may be provided, regardless of the original commission rate.
  • Brokers must make referrals before the client books their move. Commissions will not be honored for referrals made after the client’s booking or move date.
  • Brokers earn commissions solely for the initial storage move-in service referred and not for subsequent storage services or monthly fees.
  • Referrals for repeat customers of Otter Moving & Storage LLC are ineligible for commission.
  • Referrals to Otter Moving & Storage LLC for clients who have previously received a quote from Otter are not eligible for commissions.
  1. Military Moving Discount Program

Otter Moving and Storage is proud to offer a discount program for active and retired members of the United States Armed Forces, including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard, as well as their spouses and dependents. Eligibility for the discount requires the individual booking the move to present a valid and current US military ID in their name; IDs belonging to friends, family members, or partners cannot be used to claim the discount.

Accepted forms of military identification for this discount include the US Military ID Card, US Military Dependent ID Card, US Veterans ID Card, and a Veterans Designation on a Driver’s License. No other forms of military identification will be accepted.

Customers wishing to use the military discount must submit a scan or photo of their eligible ID to an Otter representative before confirming their move. The discount must be applied before the booking is finalized and the deposit is paid; it cannot be applied retroactively.

Otter Moving & Storage reserves the right to discontinue the Military Discount at any time without liability for claims or damages.

  1. Customer Privacy

Otter Moving and Storage LLC is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. Our Privacy Statement outlines our practices regarding data collection and usage across all our channels, including our websites, third-party platforms, communications, and during our services.

We collect personal information such as names, addresses, contact details, and financial information for billing and service provision purposes. We do not gather information about your computer systems.

Usage of Your Personal Information

Otter Moving and Storage LLC utilizes your personal information primarily to fulfill service requests and execute orders. We may leverage this information to keep you informed about additional offerings from us or our associated entities. Communications might include email marketing or surveys aimed at gauging your satisfaction or interest in potential new services.

Occasionally, we might reach out with promotions or offerings from our partners that align with your interests, ensuring your personal details are not shared with these external entities.

For specific functions like international relocations, customer support, transaction processing, or analytical assessments, we might engage external service providers, sharing only what’s necessary for the service execution.

We uphold a strict policy of not using, collecting, or disclosing sensitive personal data, such as your racial background, religious beliefs, or political stances, without obtaining your clear permission.

Should legal obligations arise or if it’s believed to be crucial for protecting our rights, your personal data may be disclosed. This includes adhering to legal requirements, safeguarding our assets, or ensuring the safety of our community.

Your data might be stored or processed in the U.S. or elsewhere, depending on where our operations or affiliates are situated. By engaging with our platform, you agree to the potential international transfer of your information.

Purposes for Collecting, Using, and Disclosing Personal Information

We gather, use, retain, and share your personal data primarily for the following reasons:

  1. To support our general business activities and deliver the products and services you seek from us.
  2. To respond to your inquiries regarding our offerings and communicate with you or your organization as needed.
  3. To facilitate business operations, which may involve sharing your information with our affiliated entities, partners, contractors, or service providers.
  4. To maintain accurate records and ensure your contact information remains current.
  5. To address and resolve any complaints you may have.
  6. To fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations.
  7. To manage and enhance our website’s performance and user experience.
  8. For any other purposes that are supplementary to or in support of the aforementioned activities.

Protecting Your Personal Information

At Otter Moving and Storage, safeguarding your personal data is a top priority. We employ various security measures, including advanced technology, to prevent unauthorized access, usage, or disclosure. Your personal details, such as your name, address, and credit card information, are stored securely in controlled environments with limited access. We rely on reputable third-party technology providers who utilize encryption technologies to protect your data. Additionally, your credit card and billing details are securely processed and stored with our merchant partners like First Data Bank and QuickBooks.

  1. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

We cannot ensure that your use of our services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or devoid of errors. Similarly, we cannot guarantee the precision or reliability of the outcomes that may arise from your use of our services.

Otter Moving and Storage LLC does not accept responsibility for delays caused by road traffic conditions or restrictions imposed by buildings.

We reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently discontinue our services without prior notice.

Your decision to use our services, or your inability to use them, is solely at your risk. All services and products provided to you through our services are offered on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any explicit or implied warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, quality, fitness for a particular purpose, durability, title, and non-infringement.

Otter Moving & Storage LLC, including our directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers, service providers, or licensors, will not be liable for any personal injury, loss, claim, or any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, or consequential damages of any kind. This includes but is not limited to lost profits, revenue, savings, data loss, replacement costs, or similar damages. These limitations apply whether the claim is based on contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or otherwise, and even if we’ve been advised of the possibility of such damages. This applies to any aspect of service use or product purchase through the service, any errors or omissions in content, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred due to the use of the service or any content (or product) posted, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the service.

The liability limitations might not apply in certain states or jurisdictions that do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages. In such places, our liability is limited to the greatest extent allowed by law.