Our story that inspired it all.

Our founder, Vlad moved to NYC after graduating from college with the hopes of landing a job at one of the big consulting firms. While working an unpaid internship, he got a second job as a mover in order to pay for rent and food. Soon it became clear to him that he liked working on the truck more than he liked working in the office. So he made a career change and got a job in the moving industry. He worked his way up through all of the positions – mover, foreman, sales representative and finally sales manager; thus gaining complete understanding of what is needed to make every moving day a breeze.

A few years later Otter Moving & Storage was founded with the goal of expanding his values & knowledge to more people and providing the seamless moving service to even more New Yorkers.

Otter Moving & Storage - NYC Movers

Brooklyn born and raised & community oriented.

We spent the last 10 years doing what we do best – moving New Yorkers. We got to work with some amazing people, we got to know thousands of customers, and we believe we learned what it takes to make a moving day a positive experience. It’s simple – being kind to each other takes the nerves out of the moving day and makes everything just a tad easier. Armed with kindness we set out to open our moving business. 

Founded in the summer of 2022 in North Brooklyn; we’re proud to call ourselves Brooklynites. With a parking lot in Greenpoint, and offices in Williamsburg – we are located right in the heart of the Brooklyn’s most vibrant communities. We are engaged with local businesses, charities and neighbors through common values and volunteer work.

Values that set us apart.

Our mission is to provide exemplary moving & storage services to each and every customer, by focusing on transparency, communication, kindness and ultimate customer satisfaction.

We believe that every customer deserves a transparent moving quote & kind, professional movers – so we made our whole process just that. By combining our values with care for people we employ, we created a culture based around making the customer satisfaction our #1 priority. 

We love moving you into the next chapter of your life. New job, new relationships, downsizing – we’ll be there for you through it all. With our easy to understand fixed rates, we are certain that we will find a moving solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Our commitment to our planet.

Otter Moving & Storage has been founded on firm values when it comes to customer service, but also when it comes to our planet. Transportation was and still is considered to be one of the main contributors to the worsening situation around the climate change issue. Moving industry played a big part in this, polluting our planet in several different ways. Emissions, cardboard, plastic – for a long time these have been considered unavoidable polluters in our industry. While the electric moving trucks are not yet available, we are focusing on doing what we can to minimize the negative imprint on the environment by minimizing the use of cardboard and plastic, as well as joining a world leading group of businesses 1% for the planet, which bounds us to donate 1% of our total yearly sales to foundations that are focusing on making positive impact on making the Earth a more sustainable place to live.

Know your moving cost upfront with our guaranteed fixed rates.

The key to a smooth move day is the timely and detailed planning. That is why we have designed our quotes to be quick to get, easy to understand, transparent and upfront.

Our experienced moving consultants work with you to collect detailed information about your upcoming move (date, addresses, inventory list, additional requests) and put together an all inclusive fixed rate quote for you within minutes.

It is important to share exact details of your move with us, so that we can make sure that the quote we give you actually covers everything that you need us to do. For your convenience, we are offering four different ways to get the quote:

  • Call 212 300 9828 & have your quote in 5-10 minutes.
  • Fill out our quick inventory sheet & receive the quote via email.
  • Meet your representative via video call & have your quote quickly.
  • We offer onsite estimates for select zip codes and move sizes.

Fixed rate moving quote includes:

*Gratuity for the movers is not included 
*Supply and packing of the boxes can be added
*Some furniture might require special handling fees


We tried to put ourselves in your shoes and answer all of your questions in this section. Follow the link below to see the full list of frequently asked questions (and answers), or contact us using the buttons below.

Yes. Otter Moving & Storage is fully insured and licensed with the US DOT and NYC DOT.

Yes, we provide the certificate of insurance (COI) free of charge for as many locations as needed.

Yes. Our movers will protect all non box-able items for you. This includes your TV, mirrors, dressers, mattress, lamps, etc. We use thick moving blankets, plastic wrap and cardboard to pad the items. The protection of items is included in all quotes at no additional cost.

Yes, we disassemble and reassemble all of your basic furniture at no additional cost. This includes basic beds (non storage), sofas, desk and tables with up to 8 screws or handling time shorter than 20 minutes. For more complex furniture there might be a handling fee applied, so make sure to inform your moving consultant about it upfront.

As required by the Department of Transportation, customer’s belongings will be covered with basic coverage of $0.60 cents per pound per damaged item. If the customer would like to additionally protect their items our moving consultants will recommend a trusted third party insurance company where the policy can be easily obtained.

Our fixed rates are based on the list of items, logistics of the move and the date of the move. Once you provide this information to your moving consultant they will present you with an all inclusive transparent rate that will not be subject to change unless the details of your move change (eg. adding items, changing date, etc).


The beauty of the fixed rate is knowing your total cost upfront and avoiding any surprises on the day of the move.

Our fixed rates do not include the gratuity, moving of not listed items & supply and packing of boxes (this can be added as additional service). 

If you have more questions about the quote, make sure to ask your dedicated moving consultant.

We recommend scheduling your move approximately 1-2 weeks in advance for non busy dates. If you are looking to move during the peak dates (end & beginning of the month) we suggest reaching out 3-4 weeks in advance in order to secure the most affordable rate. 

Of course, most of the time we’ll be able to accommodate next day moves, and even same day moves if the schedule allows us.

Yes – we work seven days a week, as well as on all national holidays. We have you covered 365 days a year.

As in many service industries, the recommended gratuity for a job well done is 15-20% of the move price (amount is then equally split between all movers). Of course, the customer is always encouraged to tip their movers any amount that they find appropriate based on crews’ overall performance. 

Preparation for the move is equally as important as the move day itself. Step #1 would be to provide detailed inventory to your moving consultant, #2 would be to declutter and donate/throw away items that you will not need to move, step #3 is to empty out all of your furniture & pack and seal your boxes (unless you ordered the full packing service). 

Make sure to check out our moving tips in the top menu bar for more helpful tips.

We do not expect our customers to secure the parking spot for our trucks, however if you are able to secure one that would be greatly appreciated as it will help the move go faster and smoother.