How much to tip movers?

Happy customer deciding how much to tip movers

Whether you are moving to a new home, getting yourself a new office/company space or establishing a store, there is just the euphoria that comes with a new place. When you hire movers, you might want to consider whether or not you should tip the hired movers and how much to tip them for the service.

Why Should You Tip Movers?

Here’s a quick disclaimer.

Tipping movers is not a requirement for getting the job done; neither is it good. Movers offer a wide range of services, each of which attracts a cost either collectively or individually. Depending on the service you opt for, factors like transportation, distance, location are considered in providing you with a cost. Since you are paying the initial fees of their services, whether or not you tip them, they still get the job done. However, this does not mean that you thoroughly brush off the thought of giving a good tip for a good job.

So, Does This Mean Tipping Is Not Necessary?

Well, it’s definitely not compulsory, but if you know the value of a job well done, tipping movers is necessary, and very much appreciated at that. With a new place comes a new look and feel. You get to change out of the usual and give yourself a brand-new environment just waiting to be explored. However, if there is one part of moving to a new place, we all dread is actually “moving” your things from one location to the other. It is incredibly stressful, and so many things could go wrong.

If you have ever had to move from one place to the other on your own, then you know the services rendered by movers is beyond loading your things into a truck and bursting into the expressway. One way to get saved from the entire hustle and bustle is to have expert help in moving, which you can get from a moving company.

So yes, moving can be a piece of cake. It does not always have to be a challenging task; well, not when you have professional and experienced movers to get that hurdle out of the way. Putting it mildly, movers do a lot in getting your stuff from one location to the other, and most of the time, the pay does not cut for just how much work they put into helping you move. Right here is where a tip comes in, especially when an excellent job is done.

Is There a Standard to Tipping Movers?

There is no standard to tipping in literally any industry, and the same applies to services rendered by a moving company. However, one sure way to determine just what to tip movers is based on the cost of their service and how well the job is done! What’s more, companies do not have a separate compartment on their quote set aside for tipping or tagged “tipping fees”. This means, to a large extent, what you decide to tip the movers are up to you, and you get to decide.

Now, not many people like to be the one to decide, especially with something like tipping, basically for two reasons. For one, since they are not sure, nor do they have a template on what to tip and how to tip, they do not want to overdo it or underdo it.

If you happen to be in this category where you want to tip, but you do not know how to tip, then here is a quick guide to help you be the Goldilocks in this situation.

Consider The Work Rate

Most movers and moving companies work based on an hourly rate. It means that they get paid for how long they spend helping you move. As a rule of thumb, you can tip movers 4-5 ($) per person working on the movement. With that idea, you can then determine how much to tip movers, based on a half-day move, a full-day move, or some days move.

Cost Percentage

You can also tip movers based on the percentage cost for the move. This means that, depending on what charge was incurred for the movement, you can choose to add a percentage to the initial cost as a tip. Note that the tip is not an addition to the payment that goes to the company but more like an extra appreciation that goes to the crew of movers. In place of this, it is best to get the total percentage you will be adding as a tip. Once this is realized, you can then decide to share that between each crew member or mover that helps you out with the move.

Professional mover providing valuable service

On What Basis Should You Tip a Mover?

Since it is generally just an appreciation, there is not much of a requirement for a tip. However, here are a few things you can appreciate with a tip when a mover does it for you;

  • Goes the extra mile to ensure your items are moved to the correct location
  • Handles fragile items and special pieces with extra care and caution
  • Helps make the moving process quick, even with an hourly pay rate
  • Handling heavy equipment and furniture with much care and expertise
  • Assisting with a little both of moving and setting up
  • Ensuring that your packages and loads are in perfect condition and in the right state

And generally, being friendly with excellent customer service. Here is a list of things that can qualify a mover for a good tip! You could also add a little extra for how well they deal with an emergency to ensure you have an overall wonderful experience.

When Is It Not Necessary to Tip Movers?

As previously stated, it is not compulsory to tip movers, and the choice to tip is all up to you. With this in mind, there are times and situations where a mover is just not deserving of a bonus. These could include;

  • Slacking on the job, especially with an hourly pay rate
  • Being unnecessarily rude
  • Rough handling your stuff and furniture
  • Showing up way behind schedule

Does A Tip Always Have to Be in Cash?

A tip is not payment for a service, keeping in mind that you already paid for the service. A bonus is a form of appreciation for a job well done. No rule states that it always has to be in cash. You can choose to tip the movers by;

  • Buying them lunch
  • Giving them snacks, water and drinks, especially on a hot day
  • Coupons


There is nothing wrong with showing a bit of appreciation to the moving crew. However, it is essential to keep in mind policies and conditions if they work with a professional moving company. Also, ensure to be professional while being friendly as well.

With this covered, you are well on your way to having an excellent moving experience and giving a great tip the right way!