Average moving costs in NYC

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Moving is beyond loading your furniture and properties into a truck and offloading at a new location, all up and ready to take over your new space. It is a process that requires a lot of planning. A large part of the planning process comes with a pile of expenses. When looking to move to New York, it is easy to assume that most of your costs would come from the cost of hiring a moving company to move your stuff. You do not know that there are bits of prices here and there that contribute to a significant cost demand where moving is concerned.

You must not leave anything out and plan not to be caught unaware. That is why we have put together a guide on moving to New York, what to expect and how to plan out your expenses properly.

How much does it cost to move to New York?

If you are trying to get how much it would cost to move to New York, you must first consider that it goes two ways. You could either be concerned about how much a moving company would charge to help you move your stuff from one location to the other. On the other hand, you could also consider how much it would cost from the preparation until you are settled in your new area.

If this is your first time moving to New York, you might want to consider the latter since it covers every cost of the moving process.

So, when trying to find out the cost for moving, it is a great idea to line out the moving process from packing and loading to transport and offloading. It helps give you a raw estimate of every aspect of the moving process and the cost each process will attract. When putting together a cost estimate for moving, most people leave out the packing and loading process. Now and then, running to the store to get boxes, nylons, and safe containers attracts extra costs. This is why you need to have it all figured out at the initial stages.

To an extent, the cost also depends on what you are moving to and from where. Here is where you have to consider utility fees, application fees, and possible penalties. If you are a company moving to a new location or a family moving to a new home, the cost would be different for each. It’s imperative to keep that in mind when planning to move.

Can I hire a professional to take care of the moving process?

Some people decide to move by themselves and hire a truck rental which usually costs about $100 – $1500 depending on time and location. It is best to hire a professional. It is their job, and they have the most of it figured out. Every move comes with its distinct challenges, and sometimes, as an inexperienced person, you might not see it coming. The thing about hiring a professional to handle your moving process is that you need to be intentional about whom you hire. Some professionals specialize in moving from place to place, and some companies and agencies offer these services.

Cost of service can range from cheap to overpriced, so to avoid being extorted and suspicious deals, it is best to know the cost range for moving from one location to the other. Most companies and agencies have a quoting system that offers standard rates depending on the provided services. These include packaging, loading, transporting, and offloading. The quotes are also determined based on location, distance, and the number of moving things.

To be on the safe side, avoid opting for overly cheap moving services just to cut costs. With a moving company or agency, you and your properties being moved are more protected to a more considerable extent.

Note that asides from who you hire, other variables determine the cost of moving to New York. Let us look at a few of them to give you a fair idea and help you build an estimate on the average cost to move to NY.

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Factors that determine cost of moving to New York

Apartment size

The size of the apartment determines to a large extent how many things will be inside it. Most apartments in NY are studio-sized. These modest and portable homes do not pack uploads like massive equipment and furniture. Most moving companies and agents charge a standard fee for apartments of these sizes. They usually range from around $400 – $700. The other cost varies depending on how many bedrooms there are in the apartment. A one-bedroom apartment would cost an additional $400 – $500. The same increase applies to 2 bedroom and three-bedroom apartments.

It is essential to note that other activities in the moving process attract extra fees even with these standard rates. For example, lifting heavy items over a flight of stairs or dismantling and rearranging furniture would attract additional costs for the added services.

Additional rooms

Sides the bedroom and living room, some apartments also come with additional rooms and structures, which also come with their share of loads to be moved. Sometimes, an apartment can have an installation set aside for work. It could include office supplies and furniture and, in some cases, equipment vital to the work being done. These also contribute to the cost of moving to NY. Apartments that consist of living space will cost less than an apartment with an office structure, storage compartment, or patio.

Apartments with storage and basements usually pack many items, and moving them will attract a higher cost fee than the standard rates.

Moving supplies

If you’ve ever seen a move taking place, then you surely must have noticed the special cartons of different sizes with the “upside up” label. These are moving boxes and are just one of the moving supplies needed for a successful move. They also play a significant contribution to moving costs. Some moving agents do not offer packing services when helping you move. It means you will need to get all your things packed up in boxes and containers, and they just come and move the boxes. In this case, you will have to go shopping for your packing supplies.

On the other hand, you can opt for a moving company that provides you with the supplies needed for a successful move. They also help you with moving, including how and where to pack fragile items. Of course, this added service is not free and attracts a cost. However, it does take out a ton of stress for you in the moving process. For a studio-sized apartment, the cost of supplies usually ranges around $200 – $300 for a complete pack and move.

As an alternative to manage funds and expenses, you can recycle old cartons and plastic boxes. You can also try reaching out to someone who recently moved or rent moving supplies at a lower price. The average cost range for renting moving boxes is around $50 – $100 per week. This pricing covers up to 20 moving boxes. The more items you have to package, the more boxes you need to rent. To be on the safe side, ensure to return the boxes before the time frame is elapsed.

In a situation where you don’t, you might be required to pay an extra fee for another week or a fine. If you are recycling old boxes, consider what you are packing in them and how long. You might want to get waterproof containers that are best suited for the moving purpose.

Leasing fees

Here comes another moving cost you would most likely miss out on, primarily because it is not directly associated with getting your things from one location to another. Moving can be straightforward and, at the same time, can be pretty complex. To ensure you do not end up paying, do well to check through the financial penalties of the place you will be moving out of to avoid back charges. This includes the notice period on your lease.

Utility packages

Here comes the fees you most likely did not think about till it was too late- electricity and cable fees. Moving from one place to the other most times attracts a moving expense. Disconnection and reconnection fees for your Wi-Fi, cable, and electricity also add to the average cost of moving. To avoid any surprises, do well to reach out to your service provider to fix things up.


This covers most of the expenses required when moving to NY, especially if you will be getting the services of a moving company. Most companies have standard rates, though you will still need to check through their terms, conditions, and company policies to ensure there are no extra fees hidden away in between services that might further increase your moving cost. Other factors like time and location also play a vital role in the costing and should be duly considered when moving to NY. Hiring a good moving company takes out the emergencies and hidden costs and gives you a great moving experience at the right price!